Light Steel Forum

The Light Steel Forum is a membership group organised by The Steel Construction Institute (SCI). The membership of the group is composed of leading manufacturers and suppliers of light steel framing systems within the UK construction sector. The purpose of the group is to promote the advantages and uses of light steel framing through a range of technical and educational activities.

For information about membership of the Light Steel Forum please use the contact details provided.

Light Steel Framing

Light steel framing can be used in a wide range of building types and construction applications, including:

  • Load-bearing multi-storey frames.
  • External infill walls.
  • Modular construction.Image frame

Light steel framing is generally based on the use of proprietary C or Z shaped steel sections produced by cold rolling from strip steel. The steel used in cold formed sections is relatively thin, typically 0.9  to 3.2 mm, and is galvanized for corrosion protection.

Cold formed steel sections are widely used in many sectors of construction, including mezzanine floors, industrial buildings, commercial buildings and hotels and in the residential sector.