Progress - Reuse of Steel-Framed Buildings – Webinars, starting 7 May 2020

These free webinars disseminated the findings from Progress

PROGRESS is a collaborative EU-funded project with the aim to facilitate and promote the reuse of steel-framed buildings to support the transformation to a more resource-efficient economy.

The focus of PROGRESS is single-storey buildings (SSB) which, as well as accounting for more than 60% of the structural steel used in the UK, have many attributes that make their deconstruction and reuse technically and economically viable.

The scope of PROGRESS includes the primary and secondary structural elements and steel-based envelope systems. Reflecting the two quite distinct scenarios, PROGRESS has addressed:

  • The reuse of existing single-storey steel-framed buildings
  • The design for deconstruction and reuse of new single-storey steel-framed buildings.

An important aspect of PROGRESS is dissemination of the work undertaken and importantly, the findings. These were envisaged as a series of workshops throughout Europe however, given the restrictions imposed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, ECCS and SCI instead organised a series of free webinars delivered during May 2020.

Event programme