Richard Henderson

Richard joined the SCI in November 2012. He spent a year working on the Advisory Team before taking responsibility for the Advisory Service and is the now familiar voice that callers will talk to Monday through to Wednesday.

Prior to working at SCI Richard worked for Arup from 1980 until 2010. The earlier years at Arup saw Richard working in the Industrial Engineering Group as Associate Director and structural discipline leader, responsible for the structural design of multidisciplinary industrial projects such as car plants, consumer goods production facilities, pharmaceutical laboratories and pipe bridges. He was also responsible for the design of the primary suspension elements on the Hong Kong Bank Headquarters in Hong Kong.

He then moved on to work in the Façade Engineering (AFE) Group at Associate Director level, providing structural engineering leadership in the group and managing both new and refurbishment façade engineering projects. Richard was also responsible for Quality Assurance in AFE.

Richard’s breadth of experience ideally places him to answer any member questions which come to our Advisory desk.