SCI Technical Information

We produce and disseminate the latest technical information on steel in building and construction through our own knowledge based website Steelbiz, as well as through publications, training and events. Strategic partnerships ensure the latest information reaches the widest relevant audiences throughout the industry. has been developed by the SCI, the BCSA and Tata Steel, and is effectively an online 'encyclopaedia' or 'Wikipedia' for steel construction.

At the heart of the site is over 100 interlinked, freely downloadable articles written by industry experts, covering best practice in design and construction with steel, including topics such as fire engineering, cost, sustainability, design to Eurocodes and health & safety. These articles then act as a roadmap to more detailed information from the BCSA, Tata Steel, SCI as well as other external sources.



SteelbizFor deeper, detailed technical content, advisory queries and a range of downloadable SCI tools and technical information on specific aspects of steel design, visit SCI's Steelbiz site. New and improved with an enhanced user interface and dynamic search facility, Steelbiz provides access to a wide range of the latest quality assured information including: technical guidance, design data, products and services, case studies and worked examples.