Wind Analysis Toolkit

SCI has now released its new 'SCIPHYR' wind software (pronounced "Zephyr") as a replacement to BREVe. SCIPHYR has been developed as a web service for seamless integration with 3rd party applications and uses up-to-date data (for terrain categories, etc.). SCIPHYR allows to calculate peak velocity pressures (as well as other relevant wind loading data) in 12 directions for a given site location within the UK and Ireland. SCI has also developed SCIPHYR+, an add-on software that uses the SCIPHYR outputs to calculate the wind loading on the walls and roof of buildings. Together, SCIPHYR and SCIPHYR+ form SCI's new ‘Wind Analysis Toolkit’.

Key Features:

  • Support for BS 6399 and BS EN 1991-1-4 & UK NA
  • UK and Ireland Coverage
  • Up-to-date database (for terrain categories, etc.)
  • Staged calculation process allowing for manual update of intermediate results
  • Fast calculation
  • Developed, hosted and supported by SCI
  • Web service / cloud-based calculation engine
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party applications
  • Simple licensing



  • Location input supports multiple formats including postcode and OS Grid
  • Site analysis in 12 directions
  • Web service for seamless integration with 3rd party applications
  • Seamless integration with SCIPHYR
  • Design loads on walls and roofs in four building directions
  • Support of multiple roof types, including curved and hipped roofs
  • Web service for seamless integration with 3rd party applications
Wind360 WindPlus

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