SCI TEDDs modules for specialist steel design

Recognising that Trimble TEDDs is a widely used, and widely appreciated tool to facilitate design, in late 2021 we will be launching the first of a range of specialist SCI TEDDs modules. In many cases these will supplement an SCI publication, or Advisory Desk note, by providing a tool that implements the design process that has been described. SCI is uniquely placed to produce such tools given the information we harvest from providing technical support to our members.

First to appear will be a module that implements the procedures described in P424 Fire Resistance of Light Steel Framing to allow a loaded wall fire resistance test result to be extrapolated to a wall with certain variations in its specification. This will not only make the calculation easy, but also have credibility with checking authorities and warranty providers due to its SCI provenance.

The next two modules will consider the design of openings in composite slabs, in particular the use of local reinforcing bars, and concentrated loads applied to composite slab. The latter is particularly aimed at the assessment of an already specified slab’s ability to carry temporary loads during construction. It will complement the information given in AD450 Resistance of Composite Slabs to Concentrated Loads.

Subsequent modules in this initial phase will cover different aspects of composite design and light gauge construction.

Modules will be offered for an annual licence fee, with different options to cover organisations of different sizes and the purchase of multiple modules in one go.

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